Learn how to create...


Cohesive Worlds

and the must ask questions for every genre to take your films further.


Your Own Visual Style

to say exactly what you mean with every shot.


Deeply Connecting Films

that stay with the audience long after.


Dynamic Lookbooks

that inspire others around your creative vision.

  Did you know... 

  • Most film schools and programs don't teach filmmakers how to create the design of their film--Their Visual Storytelling Language
  • Most people think film design and worldbuilding is a luxury--when, in fact, it's a necessity regardless of budget
  • Lack of film design and worldbuilding is one of the leading reasons films don't get into festivals or have the success they deserve
  • Most filmmakers don't even realize that this is a major part of what's missing from their process?

Avoid these common downfalls that cost careers. Don't end up dissatisfied with your work. Stop falling short of your full potential.


 Take Your Film's Visual

 Storytelling to the Next Level 

Join Text to Moving Images: Visual Storytelling & Worldbuilding for Filmmakers 8-Week Training powered by Film Launch in partnership with Designing the Void.


Dive deep into visual storytelling, world building, and cultivating your unique Visual Storytelling Language. 


  • Week 1:  Cognitive Science, Story, and Worldbuilding Foundations.
  • Week 2: The Tools at Hand--Color, Texture, Line/Shape
  • Week 3: The Tools at Hand--Movement, Scale
  • Week 4: Worldbuilding in Any Genre
  • Week 5: Visual Research--How to read, think, and talk about images.
  • Week 6: Cultivating Your Creative Vision and Visual Storytelling Language
  • Week 7:  Ways of Visually Presenting Your Creative Vision and the Tools Available
  • BONUS Training: Beyond the Images--Experimental Creative Exercises for Worldbuilding That Deepen Our Relationship to the Stories We Tell
  • Week 8: Bringing Your Vision to Life--Leadership and Collaboration Best Practices.
  • BONUS Training: Budgeting the World You Built with Gilana Lobel, PGA
  • CELEBRATION/BONUS Session: Present your work, get feedback and celebrate what you've created


  • 8-Week Live Training Starting 9/14
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
  • Private Facebook Group for questions and support throughout the week
  • Training Portal with all workbooks, training recordings, and other materials
  • Plus, bonus trainings on budgeting for your film with design in mind, and more.
  • Lifetime access to all information provided


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Meet the Instructor


Hello and Welcome!


Thank you for your interest in Text to Moving Images.  I'm really excited to be sharing this training with you.


My name is Sarah Cogan.  Visual storytelling and worldbuilding is my life's passion.   I am a professional film designer with 15 years of design experience including features, episodic and commercial projects.


Over the course of my career, I watched as filmmakers have struggled to tell the stories they intend to tell.  Often, one of the biggest pieces of filmmaking is completely overlooked:  the Visual Storytelling Language and Worldbuilding.   


You see, film is a visual art based in literature.  We live in a world where people listen to how you say it over what you say.  In film, our worldbuilding and Visual Storytelling Language is our how and our what  is our script.


My gaol is to help filmmakers create work that gets them seen, heard, and to the next level of their career and creative abilities. 


Looking forward to helping you succeed and have the career of your dreams.


Can't wait to do this important work with you.


See you in the training!



Film Designer & Storyteller




Sarah has been fortunate to work in all areas of design as a Costume, Production and Lighting Designer on a wide range of budgets.  She received her Masters in Fine Arts in Theater Design from the renowned University of California, San Diego.  She is also the host of Designing the Void, a podcast dedicated to film design, its influence on story, and worlds we see on screen.


Some highlights include designing for Glamour Magazine’s content channel, designing several award winning shorts, and being nominated for Best Design by the Academy of Web Television.  Sarah’s other credits also include assistant costume design for major television shows such as Kevin Can Wait, The Slap, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Blindspot Season 5, and Helpsters (nominated for a Daytime Emmy "Outstanding Costume Design).  Her most recent design, the period drama 18 1/2.


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