Ep. 9: Krystle Feher on special effects makeup: how to build creatures and a portfolio

Krystle Feher makeup design

Krystle went straight to special effects makeup school when she graduated high school. The one thing she wishes she studied? Business. Because you have to manage yourself like one.

In this episode, Krystle explains how she built her career by building creatures (they aren’t always monsters!). She even goes step-by-step through the process of molding an actor’s face and sculpting a custom prosthesis, the magical additions that bring realism to a story.

“It can really freak me out sometimes, even in person. It just transforms a person so much, the second they get out of the hair, makeup, and wardrobe trailers — they are a whole other person and they haven’t even stepped on set yet. It’s such a transformation, and really it pulls that emotion and the drama that you’re looking for — it gives them this mask.”

Krystle Feher

Krystle is best known for her work on Detroit, Mordeo, and Hedgehog. To learn more, check out her website, her IMDb, or her Instagram.

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