Ep. 8: Shari Besanceney on her journey into hair design, from Broadway to TV

Shari B Designing the Void

Shari Besanceney made some bold moves to transition from beauty school student to wig designer on Broadway and television. One of those moves was to New York City (of course), but most were relentless follow-ups with industry pros and would-be mentors.

Now she’s department head, with plenty of advice on delegating whatever isn’t your best, building trust with the talent, and creating designs that are realistic both in the story and on the set.

“When you’re planning the design, it’s about what it’s going to look like but also how long it’s going to take and how realistic that is for the show. If I were to say I need an hour and a half every single morning to do an up-do that’s going to play for the next five script days, they’ll probably say no. And I need to figure out how I can do something quicker, that fits within the design that I can do in a certain amount of time.”

Shari Besanceney

Shari is best known for her work on Law & Order SVU and The Punisher. To learn more, check out her website or her IMDb.

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