Ep. 7: How costumer designer Michael Ground imagines worlds through clothing

Designing the Void Costume Design

As the costumer designer for the Netflix series Frontier, Michael Ground builds kingdoms out of vintage furs, careful color choices, and a mixture of historical fact and fashionable fiction. He tells us all about it, with insight from his experience on episodic projects and getting the most out of a tight budget.

“My mood boards have an iconic proper period look of the time, and then the skew of high fashion. If you look at runway shows, it’s all there in this super heightened way, way beyond what we could do for television. But as soon as you take the real, and take the crazy, super fashion fantasy, there’s a point down the middle where you say, ‘OK, this is working.’”

Michael Ground

Michael is best known for his work on Frontier, The Listener, and Daybreak. For more about his work, check out his IMDb and Instagram.

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