Ep. 6: Annie Simon on the purpose and social responsibility of storytelling

Designing the Void Costume Design

Costume designers are dealing in a world of first impressions, perceptions, and representations. Old stories get old anew, narratives are remapped over different times and places, and this begs the question: why do we continue telling certain stories?

For Annie, storytelling through film and costume design should propel society forward. And our stylistic choices should serve this purpose above all others.

“I’m interested in being able to break down those stereotypes. I get that everybody’s closed minded until they get open minded, you know? So maybe I like to think of myself as a crowbar. The story is a crowbar. You break in. You help deliver new messages.”

Annie Simon

Annie is best known for her work on Wildlike, Crypto, and Anesthesia. For more information, check out her website, her IMDb, or follow her on Instagram.

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