Ep. 4: Ashleigh Chavis Wolfe on makeup and how little tweeks can change everything

Ashleigh Chavis Wolfe has over 20 years of film production experience. She talks about how she fell into make up design, little make up tweaks that change the whole perception of the character, and how important strong collaboration with the director of photography is is for makeup artists.

The guy sees the girl come into the prom or the classroom or whatever, and along with the slow motion and the lights beaming behind her and you know the angels singing, they also always make the hair just a little bit fluffier and they always make the skin glow just a little bit more. Because, you’re you’re seeing this person as the people in their world are seeing them or at least that one character that’s seeing them. And there has to be a subtle change as to what they see as just what the regular world sees.”

Ashleigh Chavis Wolfe

Chavis Wolfe is best known for her work on American Animals, masterminds and Reckless. For more information on her, please visit the following places:

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