Ep. 4: Ashleigh Chavis Wolfe on makeup and how little tweeks can change everything

Ashleigh Chavis Wolfe has over 20 years of film production experience. She talks about how she fell into make up design, how small makeup tweaks portray a certain perception of the character (or send clues to the audience), and last but not least: the importance of strong collaboration with the director of photography. Because as a makeup artist, lighting can make or break your work.

“You might do the moment that the leading lady sees the handsome guy across the room. You know, you may add just a little bit more lip gloss or a little bit more blush on the cheeks or more of a sparkle in the corner of their eye — something that shows that she has physically, emotionally, and mentally brightened up.
They also always make the hair just a little bit fluffier, and they always make the skin glow just a little bit more — because you’re seeing this person as people in their world are seeing them, or at least that one character is seeing them. There has to be a subtle change in what they see from just what the regular world sees.”

Ashleigh Chavis Wolfe

Ashleigh is known for her work on American Animals, Masterminds, and Reckless. To find out more, check out her IMDb or her Instagram.

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