Ep. 3: Jeanie Cheek on creative costume design under tight budgets and turnarounds

Jeanie Cheek Costume Designer

Jeanie’s path to costume design started in acting, went through production, until she fell into her first costume assistant gig back in 2006. Years later she’s been nominated for an Emmy in costume design; she’s absolutely in love with her work, and you can tell.

Working on zany television shows, with a wide variety of characters and live performances, has made her an expert at pulling off incredible costumes in a pinch. But she’s equally as enthusiastic about how subtle details, like texture or color, can convey undercurrents of a story.

“Had we gone to Mood and bought all of this incredible fabric, we would have blown our budget in three costumes. So we looked at upholstery fabric, because discount upholstery fabric is super affordable and it’s wider so you can get more bang for your buck.”

Jeanie Cheek

Jeanie is best known for her work on Lip Sync Battle and The Who Was? Show. To learn more, check out her website, her IMDb, or follow her on Instagram.

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