Ep. 13: Ariel Poster explains how the best graphic artwork isn’t even noticed on screen

Graphic Design for Film and TV

When Ariel tells people she’s a graphic artist for TV and film, they usually don’t know what that means. It’s a lot more than the real world’s understanding of graphic design, that’s for sure. From her role in the art department, Ariel dreams up all the daily details of the story’s world. A character’s favorite pizza joint? Ariel designs the logo, the pizza box, the napkins, the fake soda can.

In this episode, she talks about the joys of working on kids’ shows, why she thinks about Clearance procedures before any designs, and how her best work should blend right in.

“You can’t ever be too detailed. If it’s a kid’s show or a comedy show, I will make sure that the fine print on the back of that cereal box says something I find funny that only an actor will see or or a stagehand. Some of the first people I worked with talked about how the details aren’t necessarily even for the show, like I do so many things that don’t make it on camera. But it’s to create this world. So actors feels like they’re really in that pizza shop, you know?”

Ariel Poster

Ariel is best known for her work on Sesame Street, The Amazing Spider-Man, and A Most Violent Year. For more info, check out her website or IMDb.

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