Ep. 12: Whitney Anne Adams on her early success as a costume designer and her love of the hunt

Costume designer Whitney Anne Adams had a big break at a young age, thanks to her theater background and tenacious work ethic. She talks about her impressive career thus far, plus the depth of costume design, the value of shopping vintage, and the fun of planting easter eggs.

“I’m not just a costume designer. I’m a psychologist. I’m a historian. I have to know about the socio-economic trends of a different time that I’m designing. You need to think about that for the future, for the past, for the current moment. You really have to think about much more than just what’s on their bodies. What is their psychology? Why did they reach into their closet and put that thing on?”

Whitney Anne Adams

Whitney is best known for her work on The Great Gatsby, Happy Death Day 2U, and Killerman. To learn more, check out her IMDb or her website.

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