Ep. 11: Maria Sylvania on prop design and how a single object can tell a story

Prop Master Maria Sylvania has some real talk about creating character through a single prop, navigating stress in a tight-knit professional community, and the importance of unexpected, unglamorous skills ⁠— like plumbing.

Also: how a bong she made for a set earned her a fan girl online.

“You can create like a personality within that object. For instance, there’s a boy and his prop is a ball. What kind of ball is that? A baseball? Did he grow up playing catch with his dad? Did he suck at Little League? Does he want some revenge on his coach? It’s that kind of stuff that you think about.”

Maria Sylvania

Maria is known for her work on Dark Skies and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. For more information, check out her IMDb.

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Special thanks to Cueniverse for the great theme song.

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