Ep. 10: Malgosia Turzanska on costume design and fabric as the key to building worlds

Designing the Void

For Malgosia Turzanska, fabric, material, and texture are the building blocks of costumes that bring truth to any character and scene.

To create the right look, Malgosia has poured clay on top of finished costumes to let it dry and crack; self-dyed countless swatches to find the right color; spent hours massaging baby lotion into fabric made from tree bark. She illuminates us on fabric’s importance and possibilities, as well as how she navigates the design process and relationships on set.

“To make the actor trust that you know who the character is, that you can help them get to that character without sacrificing their physical identity as a public person⁠ — that is the most difficult of a dance.”

Malgosia Turzanska

Malgosia is best known for her work on Stranger Things and Hell or High Water. For more information, check out her website, her IMDb, or follow her on Instagram.

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